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Custom Shopping Lists

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Custom Shopping Lists are a way of presenting a group of items to a shopper to help speed up the purchasing process and/or restrict a shopper to a pre-determined set of items.

There are two types of Custom Shopping Lists:

  1. Customer-Defined Lists
  2. User-Defined Lists

Customer-Defined Lists

These lists are defined at the customer level. Access to a customer-defined list is assigned by a user manager. A user may have access to any number of available customer-defined lists. If a user does not have access to shop from all items, then they can be locked to one or more customer-defined lists. These lists are determined by your management and your Power & Tel Account Manager. Maintenance of these lists is currently done behind the scenes by Power & Tel's IT Department.

User-Defined Lists

These lists are defined by an individual user. A user may share a user-defined custom list with other users (users may also delete a share if desired). A user may create and share an unlimited number of user-defined lists. An example of a user-defined list would be a "My Favorites" list. If a user is locked to one or more customer-defined lists, a user can only add items to a user-defined list that appear in at least one of their customer-defined lists. In other words, if a user is restricted to ordering from 100 pre-determined items, then any user-defined list they create can only be a subset of those 100 items. Maintenance of these lists is performed by the user that created the list.

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